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formerly in za now back home
missing this wonderful country wish to get in touch with anyone around east london.
Daniele, italy



I am a student in the U.S. and I  would like a pen pal from South Africa. Auburn University at Montgomery.



My name is Tea, an American, originally from West Africa. I have wondered  what it would be like to visit South Africa since it's dark days. Well,  like America, it is not perfect but the door to opportunity is gradually opening. It would be a pleasure to have a friend or friends from all  regions of South Africa. Thanks.  



I am originally from Capetown South Africa . I am living in the U S  now and have been for the past seventeen yrs. I miss my country and would love to chat to anyone from there. Maybe brush up some Afrikaans . I am looking forward to hearing from u . TOTSIENS!
Cherri Snouffer




My naam is Jan en wil graag met penpals / e-mail vriende mee korrespondeer.Op die oomblik sal ek net met SA penvriende korresponder, Groete, Jan




Get your opinion in a book! I am writing a book for school students on contemporary South Africa and I want to include quotations from South Afrcian people. The book will credit your name and some details about yourself (subject to your approval). If you're interested please contact me. Sean




I am a English student studying travel and tourism. I was wondering if it would be possible for someone from South Africa or who originated from there to pass on some information to me as I am doing a exhibition on this beautiful country.I would like to know more about it! Also a friend from over there to talk to about the Culture and find out more about this magnificent place.




I live in the US but I'll be leaving for a 17 day trip to South Africa (Pretoria) this Monday (March 19). I'm looking for someone to talk to because I'm also writing a paper on South Africa for school. Any info any of you has would be great to use. I'll be seeing some of you soon. Kimberly




I used to live in South Africa. I went to school in Kempton Park Sir Pierre Van Rynveld high school I then moved to Cape Town and worked at Naughtys Moonlight Grill in Sea Point until 1984 and then I decided to travel to Europe met my husband and settled in North Devon. I will be going back to S.A. in Feb 2002 for I hope the holiday of a lifetime. my dad lives in Hibberdene Natal and my sister lives in La Lucia but I definitely want to go to Cape Town just to see Table Mountain!!! Anybody got any good advice on places to stay etc, most welcome. Sue




Is there anyone interested in communicating with a Southern African male with diverse interests: politics, aviation, culture, adventure sports, travel, art, outdoors and music? I am well traveled, open minded, well read and enjoy showing visitors around the region. Those interested in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe are encouraged to make contact. Storm




My name is Isabel. I am a high school student in Plano Texas. I am writing on my teacher's computer. I am writing a report on South Africa. I am supposed to write about religions in South Africa. It is hard to find information on religion - sports and food are what I am finding. Write me and I will write you. Sincerely Isabel




Hi, i am from tasmania and i was woundering if anyone could plz give me some info on south africa? if so plz write to me and i will make sure i write back. c-ya later. kristy




Hello, How are you? I would to find out a bit about south africa and it's people. I hope you can help. Bye Lil




Hi i am Pauline from Scotland trying to trace stepsister Desiree Devon could now be known as Desiree Rule from portelizabeth. Would be greatful if anyone could help or direct me to whitepages for this area.    THANK YOU. Pauline




Hey, whats up? my name is TA-Keesha and i am 15. I live in the United States of America i am African American i am 5'7 caramel complexion and i really really want a pen pal from Africa!!! that would be so cool. i would prefer that you be male and between the ages of 15 and 21. But anyway i just hope you E-mail me if your intersted. bye bye for now! TA-Keesha




Hi im Rory. Im 18 and live in Johannesburg. I am interested in making contact with someone of The same age from overseas. I will answer questions about South Africa. Rory




Hi, I am searching for a pen pal from South Africa. I am 17 years old and a student in the US. Meredith




I live in England but I lived in Tsumeb Namibia from 1982 - 1986.  I went to school at Centaurus High School and I am looking for people who I went to school with. If you know of anybody who went to this school during these yearsplease could you contact me.  If you know of anybody who lived in Tsumeb during these yearsplease could you get in touch or ask them to get in touch with me.  I would be really grateful. Thank you. Joanne Kirby




Hello South-Africa. I would like to know more about projects in SA helping women to work and pay for their children's education school and social projects in poor neighbourhoods etc. My mother tongue is French - I am quiet happy also to keep up French correspondence with somebody from South Africa interested in learning more French or simply keeping it updated. Corinna




Hello, my family is from Jo-burg.  I am 19 and student and looking for a penpal from R.S.A to help me get in touch with my heritage. Canada. Gabe




My name is Daniel McCollister and I live in the United States of America. I love to play sports. I play soccor baseball and basketball. I have 1 dog 2 horses and one dirt bike. I have 378 kids in my school and ride my bicyle to school each day.  Please email me back about your country. Daniel




Hey guys, I'm a British guy studying at uni at the moment. My father's family come form the Free State, but I never got the chance to learn Afrikaans. Would like to find pen/e-mail pals who will ut up with my really bad efforts at mangling the language so I can get better. I've just started (hence the profile in English). Would love to hear back from someone around my own age (23-33) who has the same interests outdoors hiking, backpack, travelling and sports. Thanks, AK




Hi I would welcome any new penfriend to email or write to I am outgoing and honestlooking to make new friends. I am not prejudiced against Aids or things  and any one is welcome to write. David




I'm a South African guy and would like to get penpal from Johannesburg or any country in the SADC region especially Botswana.. Alfredio


Hello there my name is anthony sessa I live in San Diego California [usa] I’m a 28 year old gay male. I have always been interested in South Africa [people animal, plant life, conservation, etc i have had friends from South Africa in the past would like to have a gay friend in South Africa that I can talk to relating to conservation issues wildlife and anything else.....thanks Anthony Sessa [usa]




Hello South Africa! I am a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and live in the U.S. (New York State. I have been to South Africa twice (Cape Town Johannesburg Pretoria (day trip) & Kruger National Park) and Zimbabwe (Harare driving from Johannesburg via the Beit(?)Bridge.) I plan on visiting again in the next few years. SA is the most incredibly beautiful country! I hope it stays that way... Would love a pen pal to talk dogs with... Melissa




I am looking for white pages or any directories that could help me in a search for related people I would like to find. They live in Johannesburg. Can anybody help me? Thanks for your assistence! Michèle




I need some help from anyone in South Africa who can access records in the Johannesburg area approsimately 40 years ago. We had an exchange student from that area in our high school in 1961-62. Her name is/was Josie Orkin. We are now planning for a reunion and I am trying to locate her. I think she was interested in a law career.  She is Jewish (I think) and her father liked Mercedes-Benz automobiles.  If anyone could assist in this searchI would appreciate it. Lionel Archdale




Looking for people near Durban, Hibberdene or Port Shepstone. Mari




Hi everybody!I'm a 16 years old girl from Austria/europe and I'm looking for nice penpals from all over the world!! But I have to say I prefer snail mail... so... if u are still interested send me an eMail and I'll send you my home adress...Have a lot of fun (I have... ;o) ) Maggi




I am interested to have pen friends from South Africa and the rest of the world. If anyone interested please do drop a mail at Shaiju




Looking for old friends: Michael Gentle and Robert Gentle. They are twins and their parents live in Cape Town. Ronnie




Hi. My name is Sara and I am Portuguese. I lived in Cape Town for 12 years and left in '91 to return to my home country.I am trying to get in touch with some old friends in SA but am not having much luck. If you attended Fairbairn High School in Goodwood Cape Town from 1986-1990 please contact me. Sara Alves




Like to correspond with people interested in sports and leisure activities in Gauteng area South Africa.Will respond to all emails received.Cheers for now!!! moosa




Hi My name is Nadine, 22, from Germany. I'm interested to have penpals from South Africa. I'd be happy to get an eMail from you. Bye. Nadine




Hey! I would like to know more about your culture, life, experiences, etc. Will you send me an email??? Daniel , Bolivian, 24, Economist.




Hi my name is Warren. I am looking for a penpal anywhere in the world. I am a student studying travel and tourism. I am a 19 year old coloured male. I live in East LondonSouth Africa. I would prefer ladies between the ages of 18 and 24. All mail will be answered immediately. Warren




Hi,my name is Frank. I am a doctor living in the southwest part of Germany and I am looking for penpals in South Africa preferably in the Cape town region.I have been in South Africa several times especially in the Cape Town area which I like very much. I want to come back in April 2002 together with my friend and it would be wonderful to get in contact with other ( gay) guys down there... I am not interested in sex. adventures by the way... I like travelling around the world literature, music (classical as well as popmusic, opera, ballett etc); I like cooking, sports, theatre, being together with good friends and have I good time. If you are interested to get in contact, I would be very happy...with love Frank (from Freiburg




Would like to corresopnd with people 55years old or older. I am 66 male and semi retired. I am married. Have been intrested in South Africa all my life so help me know more about your country and I'll try to tell you about where I live. Alvin








I am a U.S. citizen  working on a history Ph.D on a South African/American social history topic. I would like to visit the country next year particularly the Grahamstown area. I would be interested in communicating with anyone from that area or hearing from persons with an interest in history. Kemp




Hi everyone. I am 19 years old and Live in Texas. I have always wanted to have a pen pal and to me there is no better place than one in South Africa. I have a couple of friends who actually live there and then an old friend who is from there but lives in Texas now. I am a very friendly and outgoing and love to talk. Well I guess in this case write. If you want to have a fun Texas girl as your friend email and we can talk. ( I know this sounds corney but what else could I say) Well if anyone wants write back. Lindsay




Hi, I'm Benjamin (13) from Germany. My hobbies are : playing computer, basket ball, writing letters, meeting friends....since last year my aunt lives in the RSA and last year I got the chance to travel to Cape Town. It was fantastic there. I'm looking for people of the best country in world, South Africa, between 12 and 15 years. TOTSIENS!!!!!!!! Benjamin




Hi! My name is Laura and I'm very interested in meeting young people from Cape Town!!!Just yesterday I arrived back from Cape Town because I was on holiday there(2nd time).In two years I'll also go to Cape Town in order to take part at an exchange for one year. Something about me: I'm 14years old and I live in Germany near Cologne!But the main-fact is that I love South Africa!!! I would be very happy if you sent me a mail!!! cu LAURA




looking 4 female friends around SA or America. studying in cape town. my home is in johannesburg. Thabo




I left South Africa six years ago. I miss South Africa and I would like to be in touch. Alves




I’m a Nigerian and I would like to have many pen pals who are God fearing and outside this please count me out. I love dancing, singing and praising God. I would like to have someone who shares some views with me. Please write to me and let me know, so why waiting. Go ahead and endorse your mail to me now. GODWIN PAUL OBOT




I am British citizen, age 31, airline pilot by profession, own home, live in Kent England, about 5'8", single, non-smoker, brown hair, brown eyes, love cricket sport, sailing, flying. Parents own home in Cape Town so keen to meet SAfrican girl. Jeremy Bate




Hi there I am South African looking for penpals from overseas especially UK, USA and Austrailia.I am 27 married with children and a pet lover. BELINDA




Hey Everybody! I'm a teenager from the US who is VERY interested in EVERY culture of the world...i don't care who you are your age or where your from!  Just write to me because i love to talk about my country and yours. Thanks! Ryan




Hi, I'm a South African guy from Durban just looking to chat to people from all over the place about any thing and everything... Roderick




I lived in Port Elisabeth for 13years and returned to n.i. in 1995. I would like old and new friends to contact me. Isobel Clark




BOYS & GIRLS between 16 to 40 years old. I NEED A SERIOUS PEN FRIEND FROM SOUTH AFRICA BUT SHOULD BE BILINGUAL IN BOTH ENGLISH & FRENCH LAGUAGES Bcos I MASTERS ONLY FRENCH: Juste pour vous dire que je suis heureux de faire votre connaissance et suis disponible à  correspondre avec vous aussi longtemps que nous serons ensembles. Je suis CAMEROUNAIS. Je parle couramment Français et assez l'anglais. Je joue au foot et respect les Femmes. Je crois en DIEU et fais dans la communication . A vos plumes. NDJANA JANVIER




Hi ek is 20 en soos jul kan hoor 'n meisie en soek penvriende ek bly in die Noordlike Provinsie.Ek hou van Natuurlewe musiek geselskap van my vriende en om net laf te wees op 'n gesonde Chrislike manier. Voel vry om vir my te mail en moet nie doen wat ek nie sou doen nie.Lekker Bly en moet nie vergeet om te skryf nie. Louise Kleynhans




I'm a 50-year-old African American man who is seriously thinking about chucking it all and moving to Africa -- either South Africa or Ghana.  I've not been to SA yet but will go soon. I've been to Ghana several times and am deeply impressed by the obviously affinity between the Ghanaian and African American peoples. I've been told that such affinity is even stronger in SA. I am a "legal assistant" or paralegal.  That means I work for attorneys as a researcher mostly, but also do lots of other interesting things.  I am not an attorney and have no desire to become one.  I live in Chicago Illinois. I'm very "Afrocentric" and would be interested in hearing from anyone on the continent. Thanks Herb Dyer




I lived in East London 1993. I am trying to contact old friends. If anyone would like to help please write to me. Kristy Menzies




Seeking young guy for Relationship. Must be caring to say he least and sincere. I wish to highlight I am in the older age bracket but keep extremely young minded. Please email me so we can begin to chat...cheers and hope to here from young mature gay guys soooooon..Dean




I am so interested to have penpal from South Africa I am Taiwanese male 30yrs. Like mother nature outdoor activity music If you are interesting about Chinese music. Just let me know i will make it to you If you think it's okay and to have me as your friend Please do drop a mail. Liantsung




I am an 18 year old girl in high school. I am doing an assigment for my english class. I need to find a pen pal from CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA. I prefer a female between my age range. Thanks. Julie




I am from the usa and want a sincer pen pal from sount africa durban . I live in florida near disney world . Ben




Hi ek is Afrikaans en bly in Pretoria. Ek sal bittergraag 'n Afrikaanse pen pel wil hê.  As jy wonder wie ek is en wat ek doen? SKRYF!! Ekke




Hi RSApeople. I`m  spaniardman 36  yrs who`s looking for rout of wine girls from 28 to 33 yrs. I can teach them spanish n they to me about this land n wine. adios--- bue  txemariah




Hello all !! I am a 30 year-old male living in durban South Africa and would love to communicate with females from kzn for friendship. Please feel free to email me. vinay




I would really like a penpal so that I can tell them things about my country as well as they tell me about theirs. Gwen Triplett




I am calm, friendly and hospitable looking for genuine friendship.I have a sense of humour and wants penpals from all over the world. Winston Nyarko




Hey all. I am a 20 year old guy who would love to get into contact with anybody who would like to hear more about this fab country. All ages welcome. I would also like to hear about the fab countries that you guys live in. Look forward to your mails. Gregory




Hi! My name is Barry.I am 49 years old. I live in Warrington Cheshire England. My interests are cycling, hill walking/mountaineering and photography. I work as a psychiatric nurse. I am married with grown up children and I am looking for penpals from around the world. All e-mails will be acknowledged. Look forward to hearing from those interested. Barry George




Two of us (Canadians) are visiting S A in Jan Feb. '02.  We would like to hear from anyone in S A on travel tips best travel methods and also would like help in finding 2 S.A. people we met in Greece 3 years ago.  Jud




Hie juss need someone from home to talk to it does get kind of lonely here u know what i am sayin hopefully a guy thanks. yemurai , merced college, USA




I'm just plain interested in talking to someone from another culture.  I'm a highschool student on the west coast of the US with plenty of opinions on American society. If anyone's interested in talking about cultural differences or just chattin' it up funky-style give me an email. I'd especially love to recommend some movies and music from the US to anyone willing to listen. Snoogans. Mackenzie




Hi!  I'm a teacher in the USA. I may have the opportunity to spend a year in South Africa on a teaching exchange and would love to learn more about the country. Please write. Jennifer




I would like to communicate with 50+'s who have become like me quite facinated with the computerised age.  I would especially like to hear from teachers, artists and most of all writers - whether published or not!  I have many interests that might serve as a platform to better communcation but for now I extend sincere good wishes and hope to hear from anyone from anywhere!!! rhona




Hi i'm emile used to live in J'burg now in belgium.I would like to find some of my old friends there.Can someone please help me.write back please. emile diderich




Hey  i am 24 yr. old student from uni. of missouri columbia US. i am interested to make a penpal from any place throughout the world. Harshad Bhavsar




I'm a 56-year old male living in the USA. I will be retiring to the Plettenberg Bay area June-July 2002. I would like to correspond with folks from that vicinity.  Tom




Looking for friends from Kempton Park area.  Went to school at Aston Manner and Sir Pier Van Ryneveld school. My family left SA in 1979 and moved to USA.  Does anyone recognize the name "Wragg"?  Let me know. Thanks Jackie




I will like to correspond with people of 18 to 20 all over the world. I'm in Gaborone Botswana. I play ping pong tennis. Molaodi




Seeking for a flying school in greenbushes area port elisabeth where I came years ago. Someone could tell me about this little town and the grass runway ? thanks jos




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