Interested to correspond to different countries? Want to develop an educational relationship? If you are a school from South Africa trying to connect overseas, or vice versa, place your message here and get the ball rolling! To place a message click here!

Or make contact!!

Hennenman Primêre Skool. We are already involved with other countries like Belgium and America but would love to correspond with more countries. Helen van Eden, South Website:, Helen van Eden, South Africa



Lakefield College School. As an intermediate history teacher of 20 sixteen year old students both male and female. I am searching for a School to develop both a short-term and long-term educational relationship so that the students can learn more about each other and how Canada and South Africa are inter-connected in the 'Global Village'. Ian Armstrong, Canada.



Harrison Central Elementary. Hi, I teach school in Gulfport Mississippi in the United States. I am currently doing research for an Education class on what school is like in South Africa.  I am looking for Curriculum what subjects are taught at what level what learning strategies or programs are most often used by the teacher in the classroom average class size parental support administration and how it is set up in the schools length of school year how long is the school day etc.  Anything you could send me would be apprectiated. My school address is Alison Clay, 15451 Dedeaux Rd. Gulfport, Ms 39503 Alison Clay, United States of America.



Howick High School. I would like to correspond with students 15-18 years old from any country. I have an interest in dance music (especially fatboy slim and Moby). I am 16. Jonathan. South Africa



St. Phillip. Hi. I'm interested in talking to a young person from South Africa. I live in Saskatchewan and want to know about your country. Laura Turnbull, Canada




Buena High School. Hi my name is Kenny. I go to Buena High School in California and I'm looking for a South African pen pal to learn about his or her culture and way of life. (I'm also looking forward to making a long-term friendship.) Leave me amessage if you like. Take care and have a nice day! Kenny Downey USA




Buena High School. Hi, this is Monica. I am reading Cry, The Beloved Country. I am looking for a pen pal living in South Africa so that I can learn more about the country.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Monica Lemus USA




Buena High School. am looking for a pen pal who would like to learn about American and make a new friend. I have been assigned to learn about South Africa and I thought this would be interesting. Also my English teacher is from South Africa so she would like us to learn about her country. I am 18 and a senior in school . Krista Wilbur, USA




Mutoko High. I would like to apply for a teaching post in your country.I am a graduate Biology/mathematics 'A'-level teacher who holds a Bsc With Education degree. Zvenyika Johannes Makurumidze, Zimbabwe




Ipswich Girls' Grammar School. Hey im a 16 year old girl im in grade 11 and I am currently doing an assignment and i would like to hear about South Africa i would like to talk to 16 year olds upwards! I don't mind if your male or female. I hope I didn't scare u away. Thanks :) bye megs, Australia




University of Pretoria. Hey all. I am a 20 year old guy who would love to get into contact with anybody who would like to hear more about this fab country. All ages welcome. I would also like to hear about the fab countries that you guys live in. Look forward to your mails. Gregory, South Africa




Kingsway High School. Ex-South African lving in New Zealand - left KHS in 1998 - anyone from KHS round this time get in touch!! Dominique Fourie, New Zealand




York High George RSA. matriculated from York in 1984 and would like to get in touch with old classmates or anyone else who might remember me - especially if you live in Europe or if you're still in SA. Corrina Everitt (nee Leak), Netherlands




Simeon High School Is there any way I can get a penpal from South Africa. Martell Jackson, Amerika




York House School. With the help of my mum I am sending this message. I am nine years old and am doing a project at school on South Africa.  I need lots of pictures and information on your country for my project - can anyone help me. I look forward to hearing from you. Charlie Creasy, England




NorthLincs College Howzit! I am from S.A {Howick} and would love to hear from any SA people coz I miss home so much!!!!I am 18 in Oct. and would write to okes of any age! TA.x Amy Griffin, England




Bishop Bavin School Greetings from Bishop Bavin School St George's Road Bedfordview South Africa! Visit: Robert Fraser, South Africa




I would like to have a pen pal in Africa between the ages of 8-12. William Horne USA




Kingsway High School Hi. I'm a webmaster for KHS's brand new web site - - where we have a past student database where you can submit your contact information and also search for old friends. If you are from KHS please submit your details - at Manie Hayes South Africa




Hi,My name is Catherine. I am 19 and living in the U.KI would like to get into contact with ANYONE who went to the following schools during the following dates: Birch Acres Primary 1989-1995, Mondeor Primary 1989-1995, Bracken High 1996-2000, Norkem Park High   1996-2000. I attended those schools during those times. I am also looking for the following people:  Andrea Spencer, Clinton Dehrmann, Angeline Coetts and Debra Coetzee.  If anyone knows these people and how to contact them, please let me know. I would be most grateful.  Thak you all for your patience I look forward to hearing from someone. Catherine






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